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Protection Orders:

We get calls on how to obtain a protection order. First, the person you are requiring to get a protection order against must be someone that you have had a relationship with, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc... then you will go to the Circuit Clerks Office, make your statement. The Judge will then review your statement and make a decision to issue a Protection order or not. Once the Protection Order is obtained it will then come to the County Sheriff's Office to be served.

Stray Dogs/Cats: 

As you know we do not have a leash law in effect in Geneva County, therefore; as Law Enforcement we are unable to pick up or house any stray animals due to lack of a facility to care for them.

How do I report a crime?

If the crime is "in progress," call 9-1-1. If the crime has already occurred and no immediate emergency exists, call 334-684-6947 to request an Officer/ Deputy come to your location and make an Incident Report.

What is the procedure for a citizen to commend a Sheriff's Department employee?

We request that you submit a commendation letter to the Sheriff containing the name of the employee and the circumstances surrounding the commendation (to include the date, time and location). Commendation letters should be sent to: Sheriff Tony Helms, Geneva County Sheriff's Office, 200 North Commerce St. Geneva, Al 36340.

What happens when I am a victim of a crime and an arrest is made? 

Once an investigation has been completed and the offender is arrested they are presumed innocent until convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction. All offenders arrested on felony & misdemeanor charges fall under the jurisdiction of the Geneva County District Court. Once the offender has been charged it is up to the court to keep the victim, investigators and officers apprised as to the status of a case. This is done through the subpoena process. If a victim, investigator or witness is needed for court appearances they will be notified by the court. 

What do I do when I'm being pulled over by an officer?  

There are many laws and regulations in place to help ensure that Geneva County roads and highways are safe places to travel. Enforcement of these laws can be stressful for both motorist and deputy sheriffs alike. Find out how to make your experience with a traffic stop as stress free as possible. After stopping, unless directed by the deputy to get out of your car, please wait in your car for the deputy to approach. Please keep your hands on the steering wheel and do not make any sudden movements or reach into your glove compartment. The deputy will ask for your driver’s license and proof of liability insurance. If you have a weapon in the car this is the time to calmly tell the deputy that you have one and where it is. Please do not reach for it! The deputy will explain why you were stopped. This is not the time to contest the stop or a citation if one is later issued. The Geneva County Sheriff’s Office uses both marked and unmarked cars for patrol duties. All our marked units are equipped with lights, stripes, and sirens. All of our unmarked units are equipped with lights in the grill / windshield, back window, and tail-lights. 

What do I do if the officer asks me to step out of my car?  

If you are asked to step out of your car, please do so without argument. Walk to the back of your car on the side away from traffic or as directed by the deputy sheriff.

What do I do if I'm being stopped and unsure that it is Law Enforcement?

Unfortunately, the reality is that there are occasional cases of police impersonators pulling over motorists. There are a variety of law enforcement agencies either working on our streets and highways, namely the Sheriff’s office and highway patrol, or on their way to another destination. Our unmarked units, which are in a variety of makes and models, are equipped with flashing lights in the front grill, visor, or windshields and have sirens. The unit may or may not have a spotlight. If you are being stopped by what appears to be an unmarked car, acknowledge the officer by turning on your four-way hazard flashers and driving to the nearest well-lit area at a reduced speed. If the officer is not in uniform, lock your door and roll your window down about an inch. Ask the officer to identify him/herself with his or her badge and ID Card. If you do not believe the officer, ask him to call for a marked police vehicle so you can verify that he or she is a Police Officer. Officers are required to call in all vehicle stops to dispatch. You can also call the Geneva County 911 Dispatch on your cell phone by using 9-1-1 or (334) 684-6947 to verify you have been stopped by an officer.

How do I file a complaint on a member of Geneva County Sheriff's Office?


How do I write an Inmate?

The mailing address for letters and/or cards is P.O. Box 115 Geneva, Al 36340. It must have the inmates full name, and be written in pencil, black or blue ink only. Letters must be on white paper, note book paper, or typed on computer paper. No perfume, clippings, glitter or musical cards. Cards and letters must be mailed by the Postal Service.

Can I have a message passed along to an Inmate?

Inmate are not allowed to receive messages other than by mail. (Emergency exceptions only and must be verified by jail administration.)

Can I bring medication to an Inmate ?

Prescription medication can be brought in for inmates (no controlled substance.) Photo Id is required to leave medication.

Other Agency phone numbers?

These agencies are open during normal business hours, if it is an emergency please call 9-1-1. If no immediate emergency exists, call 334-684-6947 to request an Officer/Deputy come to your location and make an Incident Report.  

List of bonding information available on jail information page.