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National Sheriffs' Association COVID-19 Scam Alerts


National Sheriffs' Association
Sheriffs, state sheriffs' associations and local and federal officials are working tirelessly to respond and to communicate back to our communities and assure them in this time of uncertainty.

On behalf of the more than 3000 sheriffs across the nation - thank you for being our eyes and ears on the ground during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, we are seeing scammers attempting to sell illegal COVID-19 home testing kits. The FDA warns that there is currently no approved COVID-19 home testing kit. If you see such activities, please direct people to contact their local law enforcement agency and report the scams directly to the FDA.

Additionally, the FBI is warning there has been increased phishing emails seeking donations or asking to verify personal information in an attempt to steal identities and money.

Please share the below graphics to inform the public of these illegal activities and protect citizens during this difficult time in our nation.
The sheriffs' message to every law-abiding citizen is to remain calm and work together to ensure the safety of the community, state and nation. 

The sheriffs' message to criminals who take advantage of this dire situation is we will not rest until you are brought to justice.

Sheriffs appreciate your help and are grateful that you accept and perform this challenge with hope, strength and perseverance.

Learn more and stay up-to-date at our special COVID-19 website.

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