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Kyshia Brewer mug shot

On September 9,2020, Deputy Paul Dickerson went to a reported kidnapping call in Geneva County.   When Dickerson arrived on scene; he met with the guardian of a juvenile (the juveniles grandmother).  Grandmother advised that she has custody of her granddaughter that is a juvenile.  She had paperwork showing that she is her granddaughters legal guardian.  Kyshia Brewer is the juveniles birth mother and had been visiting with the juvenile outside on grandmother's porch about 7:00 PM.  At 7:30 PM the juvenile came inside and asked grandmother for some money.   

Around 8:00 PM, grandmother went to the porch and Kyshia and the juvenile was not there.  Grandmother tried to call Kyshia on her cell and no one would answer. 

At 9:00PM grandmother got a call from an individual and he advised that Kyshia and the juvenile was with him at Battons Crossroad in Enterprise Al.  Grandmother talked to Kyshia and Kyshia stated that she could do what she wanted to with the juvenile because she was the juveniles mom.  Grandmother advised Kyshia that she had legal rights to the juvenile and the juvenile needed to be at home.  Kyshia argued with the grandmother some more and said that they would be home soon and hung up on her.  More attempts were made to call Kyshia but the phone was turned off. 

Deputy Dickerson had dispatch do a ping on the cell phone for last known location. Suspect's phone pinged to an address on Grimes street in Enterprise, Al at 8:59 PM then the phone went dead. The provider gave an address of 456 Grimes Street Enterprise, Al.  Deputy Dickerson contacted Enterprise Police Department and asked if they would go to the address and see if Kyshia and the juvenile were at that address.  Enterprise Police Department traveled to the location and advised that Kyshia and the juvenile were at that location and they both were ok.

Upon Deputy Dickerson arrival at the scene, contact was made with Kyshia.  Kyshia stated that she thought she has permission to leave with the juvenile.

 Kyshia Brewer was arrested by Enterprise Police Department for warrants out of Coffee County.  She was held there until Geneva County could obtain a warrant.  Brewer is currently in Geneva County Jail on charges of interference of child custody.