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          On Monday, February 22, 2021, Geneva County Sheriff's Investigators began an investigation into sex crimes committed against 14 year old female.

This investigation revealed that in December 2020, a 23 year old male, "friended" the juvenile female on the Snap Chat app.  Since that time, the male subject,

Who lives in Hinesville, Georgia, travelled to Geneva County and met with the female, and they had consensual sex in his vehicle on two occasions.  After the second

meeting, the juvenile female, willingly travelled with the male to his home in Georgia.  The juveniles parents were able to locate their daughter via the "Location" app

on her cell phone.  They then travelled to Hinesville, Georgia and with the assistance of the Hinesville Police Department, were able to locate their daughter and bring

her home, where the offense was reported to the Geneva County Sheriff's Office. During their contact with the male subject, the suspect confirmed to Hinesville Police

Officers, he knew she was only 14 years of age.


On February 22, 2021, Geneva County Sheriff's Investigations signed warrants on Vincent Edward Smith, age 23 of Hinesville, Georgia, for

Two counts of Rape Second Degree, Two counts of Facilitating the on-line solicitation of a Child and two counts of Travelling to met a child for unlawful sex acts. Initial bond

Was set at $70,000.00

Bond was raised to $405,000.00


On February 23, 2021, Hinesville Police Officers arrested Smith on the warrants signed by the Geneva County Sheriff's Office.  Smith was retuned to Geneva County

Jail on March 1, 2021.


This case remains under investigation.       




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