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On Dec. 20, 2021, Inv. Cory Dean and Deputy Williams were dispatched to Holly Mill Road area in reference to a report of a male beating on his back door. His property is completely fenced and was startled to find anyone on his property. The victim advised he told the person to leave his property several times and the person jumped into the victim's truck drove around his house and crashed through his fence trying to get to the highway while the victim was on the phone with dispatch. The suspect then wrecked the vehicle in the ditch and fled from the vehicle. He then ran to another house and entered through the back door. The second victim then told the person to leave and then the victim  armed himself and the person fled again into the yard where he started going through the second victim's vehicle. The second victim came outside and while armed confronted the person again and he fled into a wooded area close to the residence.

Inv. Cory Dean arrived at the scene gathered the information and description of the vehicle . Inv. Dean was joined at the scene shortly after by Dep. Williams and Samson Officers Cole Dean , Wesley Stokes and Chief Hill. Dep. Williams took K9 Dazy and put her out where the suspect was seen going into the woods. In just a few moments she found an item of clothing described as the suspects and a short time later indicated on the suspect who was hiding close by in the bushes. The suspect was ordered out and he did not comply, and officers went into the bushes and took him into custody.

Once the suspect was walked to the patrol vehicle he was searched and it was determined that he was Hunter Lane Carroll of Bonifay, Fl.

Carroll has been charged with Burglary, Theft of a Vehicle and Criminal Mischief and is being held in the Geneva County Jail.