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  On 09/28/2022 Geneva County Sheriff's Office was contacted about a person with a handheld laser , lasering military helicopters at night on south county road 9. This is a violation of Federal law because shining a light into the cockpit of an aircraft can disorient the pilot causing them to be blinded. We were advised that it had been coming from the same general area for approximately 3 weeks.  A plan was discussed to use a State helicopter to fly in the same area flying similar to the way military does when training at about 8:30 PM . Deputies from the Sheriff's Office staked out the general area where the laser was coming from. As the helicopter flew in the area the personnel in the helicopter and deputies on the ground saw the laser light up the aircraft. Officers quickly moved in as well as the personnel in the helicopter and observed a individual in the yard later identified as Kevin Newton Neslund. The residence was at 2573 S. County road 9, Slocomb, Al. When approached to be questioned  Neslund was confrontational toward officers. They noted something that was black that Neslund was attempting to conceal. Fearing it was a weapon officers seized his hands and restrained him. They were able to determine he had a flashlight and a handheld laser light emitting a green laser.  Neslund was transported to the Geneva County Jail where he was booked for Resisting Arrest and Interference of a Governmental Operation. Geneva County Investigator Allen Cole and Deputy Lindsay as well as  the  officers in the helicopter are working with the FAA and other Federal officials to charge him under the Federal Code . This case is still under investigation. All persons are innocent until proven guilty.