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DANNY STALEY               FRANNIE HELMS               PAM GILLEY

         CHIEF DEPUTY               ADMINISTRATOR               RECORD CLERK                                              




P.O. BOX 115





SUBJECT:  Notification to Civilian Governing Body and Local      Community to Potentially Acquire Controlled Property.

            On May 25, 2022, Presidential Executive Order (EO) 14074 " Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety" was signed.

            In accordance with EO 14074 (Section 12), State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Law Enforcement agencies (LEAs) must:


           1) Notify their Civilian Governing Body (CGB) ( i.e., City Council, County Government or other local governing body), of its intent to request property from Federal sources (to include Federal funds or grants).

           2) Notify the Local Community of its request for property transfers, purchases form Federal funds, agencies, or subcontractors (including existing transfer contracts or grants).


The Geneva County Sheriff's Office may request the below controlled property items the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), or other Federal source:

AIRCRAFT (Fixed & Rotary Wing), AIRCRAFT (ACCESSORIES, COMPONENTS, PARTS), COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT(Radios, Telephones, Public Address Sets, Antennas, Translation Device, etc.), LIGHTING & OBSERVATION (Flashlights, floodlights, Searchlights, etc.), OBSERVATION TOWERS, OPTICS (Binoculars, Telescopes, Laser Range Finders & Target Designators, Spotting Instruments), SIGHT & SCOPES (Reflex, Bore, Optical, Holographic, Infinity, Red Dot, Riflescope), NIGHT VISION DEVICES, & GOGGLES etc., IMAGING (Camera Systems, Thermal Cameras & Accessories, Magnifiers, Forward Looking Infrared Imaging Systems, X-Ray Baggage Scanner, RIOT GEAR (Face Shields, Ballistic Shields, Helmets, Batons, Wearable Gear), STORAGE & SHELTER (Prefab & Portable Buildings, Tents, Portable Shelters, CONTAINERS (Ammunition, Shipping, Storage, K9 Transport), NON-ARMORED VEHICLES (HMMWV's, All Terrain Vehicles, Cargo Trucks, Tank Trucks, Rescue/Response Truck), ARMORED VEHICLES (MRAP, HMMWV, Peacekeeper, M-ATV, SUV etc.), VEHICLE REPAIR PARTS, COMPONENTS, DEEP WATER FORDING KITS, WEAPONS (Pistols, Long Rifles, Shotguns, Training), WEAPONS Parts, Accessories, Modification/Conversion Kits, WEAPONS Storage Racks, BLANKETS (Ballistic, Insulation), CAMOFLAUGE & DECEPTION EQUIPMENT, CAPABILITY SETS, CLOTHING (Cold & Warm Weather, Coveralls), PROTOCTIVE EYEWARE, COMPUTERS & PERIPHERALS, DECONTAMINATION EQUIPMENT, DETECTION SETS( Chemical Agent, Explosive, Gas) EXPLOSIVE ORDINANCE DISPOSAL ROBOT, FACEMASKS & BREATHING APPARATUS, GENERATOR SETS, HAZARDOUS MATERIAL OR PATHOGEN INDETIFICATION ANALYZER, HEAVY EQUIPMENT (Earthmoving, Land Clearing, Debris Removal), MEDICAL/FIRST AID SUPPLIES, MULTIMEDIA PROJECTION SET. OFFICE EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, PORTABLE VEHICLE ARRESTING BARRIER, PURPOSE BUILT HANDHELD BREACHING EQUIPMENT, TOOLS(Hand, Pneumatic, Power), TRANNING AIDS, SIMULATORS & DEVICES, MOBIL TRAINING TARGETS, WATERCRAFT, DIVER'S SUITS, LIVE PRESERVER VESTS.



     Pursuant to EO 14074 (Section 12), this memo fulfills the requirement to notify the Civilian Governing Body (CGB) and Local Community of my agency's intent to request the controlled property items identified in the list above. 


   Signed and certified, this 2 day of November 2022.


   Chief Law Enforcement Official (CLEO):


   Tony Helms