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During an investigation of runaway juveniles at a location on Triumph Road in the Bellwood community Deputies noticed Steven Silas at 1091 Triumph Road getting out of a red Chevrolet pickup truck. Having prior knowledge that Silas' driver's license is revoked, Inv. Markow attempted to speak with him and pulled into Silas' driveway. Silas turned and saw Deputies and immediately started running. Silas left the keys in the ignition and the vehicle running with the driver's door open.  Silas ran out of his footwear and toward the woods. Inv Markow yelled "Stop, Sheriff's Department". Silas continued running and Investigator Dean was on the other side of the residence, and he also yelled for Silas to stop but Silas continued to run. 

    As Silas ran away from his vehicle, in his right hand he had a black gym type bag.  Inv. Dean pursued Silas into the woods and recovered the black bag that Silas threw down.  Inv. Dean brought the black Adidas sports bag to my vehicle. Inside the black bag was a plastic bag containing 12.1 grams of green leafy material, 2 digital scales, a box of clear plastic bags, a black bag that had the distinct odor of fresh marijuana and a clear plastic bag containing 956 grams (Approximately 2 pounds) of a white crystalline material (Methamphetamine). 


    While inventorying Silas' truck a FN 5.7 semi-automatic pistol was found in the center console with 19 rounds in the magazine. Also found Silas' wallet with Alabama ID in it. Investigator Cole, Deputy Armstrong, Deputy Mike Johnson, SBI and State Task Force also assisted at the scene. 


Silas is currently in the Geneva County Jail with multiple charges including Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Certain Persons Forbidden to possess a Firearm. Silas is a convicted felon with crimes of violence and weapons charges.