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Project Lifesaver


Project Lifesaver is a practical way to keep your loved one safe and reassure their friends and family that by just wearing a special bracelet, they can be safe all the time! Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain that causes a steady decline in memory.  Nearly 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's or some related illness, i.e., Autism or Down syndrome which is occurring more and more and also needs to be addressed.  No matter what illness your loved one suffers from, the Geneva County Sheriff's Office is committed to assisting the community one day at a time to make sure your loved one is safe!


By agencies working together and pooling their resources in order to find ways to help people that suffer from memory impaired illnesses; our plans are to issue bracelets to everyone that suffers from a memory-impaired illness.  With that being said, if one of the registered persons in the program wanders off, anyone that comes in contact with your loved one will know who to contact.  The main contact person on the bracelets will be the Geneva County Sheriff's Office.  It will also contain a personal pin number that is registered to the victim.  Once contact is made with the Sheriff's Office, we will notify the caregiver of their location.  There have been incidents when a person has wandered to another state.  These bracelets will let law enforcement officials or any agency from any state make contact with us, making sure your loved one is returned safely. PLEASE remember this is not a program to find out personal facts or information about a person, but a program to help a caregiver find and return a loved one.  The Geneva County Sheriff's Office is dedicated to working with you to make this happen!


Sheriff Tony Helms has a Deputy assigned to the program for registration. This Program uses state-of-the-art personalized radio transmitters on identified persons who are at risk of wandering away from their homes and becoming lost. 

These are the statistics from the National Alzheimer's Association:

  • 60% of people with Alzheimer's disease wander and become lost
  • 75% are repeat wanders
  • 46% may die if not found within 24 hours

Hopefully with the use of these transmitter bracelets to assist victims that have a history of wandering, we can reduce the national statistics here in Geneva County.  Also with the use of the identification bracelets we will be able to let the caregivers know that we care about the safety of their loved ones!