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Reserve deputies sitting in court room

Reserve Deputy Sheriff

The Reserve Unit is a group of dedicated individuals from our community who wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Geneva County Sheriff's Office.  The unit is made up of both certified and non-certified deputies who support the operations of the Sheriff's Office. Reserve deputies are required to receive continuous training throughout the year, as well as qualify annually with their service weapon. Reserve Deputy Sheriff’s are under the supervision of 2 Deputies with the Geneva County Sheriff's Office. All Sheriff's Reserve will undergo background checks, oral interview's and home visit's before being accepted into the Reserve Program. Sheriff's Reserves must volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month, one monthly meeting, and be available for special details. Upon being in the Sheriff's Reserve program for a minimum of 1 year they can request to attend the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department Reserve Academy. 

Some activities the Reserves regularly engage in:

  • Promote public relations with law enforcement in their community
  • Provide security and patrol at school functions, county functions, and any event where extra security is required
  • Transport inmates

Receiving no pay for the job they do, and spending time away from their families shows tremendous dedication on the part of the Reserves.

For more information please call Scotty Howerton 334-684-5660 leave a message.