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Sex Offenders Info

Alabama Community Notification Act (CNA)

"This information is for the benefit of you and your family.  Sex offenders are everywhere and we must be informed and have this valuable information so that we can protect our loved ones.  Our agency is providing the community with ways to identify sex offenders. You can easily check our website by name or address of someone that you suspect is a sex offender. If you know of someone that is not complying or you suspect is not complying, please notify our agency and speak with one of our Deputies.

Sheriff Tony Helms

Your Sheriff's Office is dedicated to the protection of the citizens we serve in Geneva County.  A portion of that protection involves the enforcement of the Alabama Community Notification Act (CNA) or what is commonly referred to as the sex offender law.  Our Sex Offender Management Unit works daily in an attempt to ensure those sex offenders are in compliance with the act.  Offenders who are found to be non-compliant are arrested and prosecuted. 

The CNA requires any person who has been convicted in any municipal, state, federal, military court or Indian reservation of certain sex crimes and who reside, work or go to school in the State of Alabama to register as a sex offender at the Sheriff's Office in that jurisdiction.  Refusal to register or any other violation of the CNA is a felony.

There are strict laws that pertain to the registration of and living restrictions for convicted sex offenders in Alabama.  The full law can be found in Title 13A Chapter 11 and Title 15 Chapter 20 of the Alabama Code.

13A-11-200— Any person who has been convicted of an enumerated sex offense in any municipal, state or federal court shall within 7 days of his/her release register with the Sheriff of his/her county of residency.


Sex Offenders:

  • Cannot live or work within 2,000 feet of any school, daycare, or other child care facility as deemed by the State of Alabama
  • Cannot live with or have overnight visits with a child under 18 but the offender may live with his/her own children, step-children and grandchildren unless they are his/her victim.
  • Must register within three (3) business days of transferring or terminating a residence, employment or school attendance with local law enforcement.
  • The sex offender moves and he/she stays at any given location for 3 or more consecutive days or 10 or more aggregate days in any given month, he/she must  update this information immediately
  • May not live within 1,000 feet of any former victim or knowingly or willfully come within 100 feet of any former victim or victim's family


How do I report someone who is living too close to a school, daycare, or who is not at the address displayed on the web?

  • Contact local law enforcement. They are responsible for verifying the address and providing ABI with any changes.

When is a sex offender placed on our web site?

  • An offender is placed on the web site only upon conviction and release through probation or the end of their sentence.

Why is a particular offender not on the website?

  • The offender must have been convicted of an offense listed in 15-20-21 of the Alabama Code.  If he/she is a juvenile or granted youthful offender, the law prohibits that information from dissemination to the public unless ordered by the Judge.  If he/she was convicted in another state, federal court, or Indian reservation, he/she will not be posted on the web until completion of a due process hearing.

May an offender pick up or drop off their children at a school or daycare or frequent ballgames or student activities?

  • Yes, as long as the offender does not exceed the time necessary to complete the intended task.  If an offender was convicted of an offense upon a child under the age of 12, he/she cannot loiter on or within 500 feet of a school, daycare facility, playground, park, athletic field, or any other business having a principal purpose of caring for, educating, or entertaining minors.

Contact Information: If you need to report an offender that is in violation, please contact Linda Clemmons 334-684-5728 or the Sheriff’s Office at 334-684-5660.

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